Mission of the CCVD

The Canadian Diamond Business Development Center (CCVD) is a corporation without share capital, formed in accordance with the part II of the Canada Corporations Act. It’s mission is to contribute to the development of the Canadian diamond industry and to stimulate the growth of secondary value-added industries for Canada’s natural diamond production.

The CCVD support the efforts of development of the diamond sector by :

  • Ensuring development of the expertise of companies in order to maximize the economic repercussions on the diamond industry;
  • Ensuring the training of the stakeholders in the most promising aspects of the diamond sector;
  • Setting involved, with partners, in research and development projects linked to the diamond industry.

Consulting services

Since 2005, CCVD has been assisting its clients in the realization of their settlement, development and transformation projects. CCVD professionals and its network of experts possess the necessary expertise to ensure the transfer of their knowledge in order to maximize the competitiveness of companies in the diamond sector and its related industries

The CCVD provides consulting services to companies and government agencies in the areas of management, marketing and human resources development. Here are some of our specialties :

  • Rough diamonds evaluation process;
  • Business plans;
  • Marketing studies;
  • Trademarks;
  • Business audit;
  • Traceability systems;
  • Certification of Origin;
  • Promotion;
  • Human resources development plan;
  • Strategic planning;

Research and development

The success of a project may depend on the information provided at the research and development stage. The CCVD is a specialized center that will bring together the resources necessary for the realization of a research and development project.

Here are some R & D projects in which CCVD has been involved :

  • Development of a traceability system for diamonds from the mine to the jewel;
  • Development of a system for assessing the economic viability of diamond cutting in Canada;
  • Characterization of Canadian diamonds in order to identify specific characteristics of Canadian diamonds on a scientific basis;
  • Market study on the establishment of a gemmology laboratory for the certification of polished diamonds;
  • Feasibility study of a tourism development project within a Canadian diamonds cutting factory.


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  • Phone : (418) 562-1240 ext. 2188
  • Fax : (418) 562-1235
  • Email : bernarda@cgmatane.qc.ca